About us

We are a family run business. We are a husband and wife team, Jennifer and Gaston Nadeau. We have a love for animals, and we love what we do. We take great pride in taking care of each and every guest that comes to us, whether its for daycare or boarding. We have our Canine first aid as well as multiple certification in dog behaviours (Exp. Prevention of dog aggression, Dog behaviour, as well as minor dog training courses) 

We ourselves, have 2 German Shepherds Abby who is 6 and Sable who is 3. We also have 2 cats and 2 birds. Oh and 5 children ! LOL



Hayley is a wonderful young lady who has been working with animals for more then 6 years. She has been working with us since day 1. She loves them all and  every dog is always happy to see her when she arrives for work. Shes a very hard worker and is always all smiles and happy to greet all our wonderful  customers.  Hayley also has her canine first aid. Shes currently following her Trainers course.


Kendra has been with us since January 2018. She has over 2 years experience  working with and around animals . She has a natural love for all of them. Kendra is a loveable and  fun person, to be around, and shes always ready to help out.


Angelina is our oldest daughter. Shes a full time high school student, but has been coming to work with us after school and on weekends since we opened  in May 2017. She knows all our regular dogs and their behaviour, and is always happy and willing to come to work.  She truly loves what she does here.