About us

We are a family run business. We are a husband and wife team, Jennifer and Gaston Nadeau. We have a love for animals, and we love what we do. We take great pride in taking care of each and every guest that comes to us, whether its for daycare or boarding. We have our Canine first aid as well as multiple certification in dog behaviors (Exp. Prevention of dog aggression, Dog behavior, as well as minor dog training courses) 

We ourselves, have 3 dogs. 1 German Shepherd, Sable who is 8, a Golden Retriever , Zoey who is 5, and Mocha  (mixed breed) who is also 5. We also have 2 cats ,Oh and 5 children ! LOL

UPDATE: We have added Walter, a Bernese Mountain Dog to our pack :)

Our Fur babies

Zoey -Golden retreiver 

Sable - German shepherd

Abby - German Shepherd (abby no longer with us)

Mocha - Mixed breed